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Airport Transfer

We arrange luxury vehicles with experienced and trusted drivers for your airport transfers as well as travel around Sri Lanka.


Depending on the time of year and the exact location of your villa it is possible to enjoy a private lesson in the villa or go a short distance to a Yoga Shala.

Whale Watching

Getting to see the largest animal on earth up close and personal is a once in a lifetime, awe-inspiring experience. Seeing whales in their natural habitat is something only a few of us can dream of and just a short distance from the island’s shore the continental drop off provides an abundant feeding sea for many types of whales and dolphin.


Embark on a unique experience on the luxury catamaran with excellent stability and soothing comfort you’ll have a wonderful experience. Families, friends and small groups relax and discover the richness of the ocean in a unique setting.

Galle Fort

A day visit to the famous Galle Fort is a must. The Galle Fort is a visual metaphor for Sri Lankan history. Ancient Sri Lankan culture collides with colonial architecture in ways that can only be described as mystical. It is why this UNESCO World Heritage Site is a favourite among tourists coming to Sri Lanka, today and in days past.


Sri Lanka has amazing National Parks with an abundance of wildlife on offer; leopards, elephants and sloth bears to name a few.

Cinnamon Estates

First discovered by the Portuguese, Sri Lanka produces 90% of the world’s supply of true cinnamon and it remains one of the country’s primary exports.

Tea Estates

Close to Galle there is a tea plantation which produces more than 25 different varieties including Virgin White tea which is completely untouched by human hand. It is open between 8.00 am to 5.00 pm.

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