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Villa Holidays In Sri Lanka: Whale Watching in Mirissa

Mirissa is one of the best whale watching points in Sri Lanka. Travellers can look for what would be one of the most comfortable villas in Sri Lanka in the area to spend a few days and go on a whale watching tour.

Whale watching in Mirissa

  • Whale watching season
  • Safety
  • Types of whales near Mirissa

Whale watching season

The best time to catch glimpses of whales and dolphins near the waters of Mirissa is from November to April. Your stay in Mirissa at one of the most sought after villas in Sri Lanka can coincide with this season. You should be careful to choose a whale watching tour organizer that cares about your safety and the wellbeing of whales and of course dolphins. Reputed tour organizers are careful enough to let the sea giants swim in peace.


Your tour organizer will provide you with a lifejacket and give you a few safety tips to follow. The boat’s crew will have plenty of experience in navigating the waters and spotting whales. You should wear sturdy rubber shoes to minimize slipping and take your sun lotion, sunglasses, and a hat to protect yourself from too much sun. Whale watching can take several hours of your time. If you are not sure about how you will feel given the constant motion, take motion sickness medicine as a precaution. Take a rain jacket with you just in case it rains.

Types of whales in Mirissa

Blue Whale – Blue whales are a hit in Mirissa. These endangered sea mammals are the largest existing animal in the entire world. They grow up to 30 meters in length.

Sperm Whale – This large toothed predator can grow up to 16 meters in length.  They love squid (to feed on that is) and plunge down 2250 meters into the sea to look for prey. You will most probably spot a sperm whale on your tour in Mirissa.

Fin Whale – Fin whales are only second in size to blue whales. These slender-bodied creatures are found in the waters near Mirissa sometimes.

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