Villa Holiday Guide: Weligama, Sri Lanka Travel Guide

Discover Weligama  on your Sri Lankan Villas holiday

Villas on Weligama Beach

Weligama is a small and intimate fishing town. But it is home to some of the beach villas in Sri Lanka
that give easy access to the lovely beaches.

Weligama Travel Guide

  • About Weligama beach
  • Bandarawatte Beach
  • Weligama Seafood Market
  • Where to eat in Weligama
  • Luxury Villas in Weligama


Embrace the Intimate Serenity

Weligama means ‘Sandy Village’ in Sinhalese. True to its name, the town is full of silky soft sandy
beaches that face the endless turquoise blues and greens tinged with creamy foam. Life flows at a
slower pace by the beaches and you’ll find yourself sinking into the tranquility before long. Coconut
trees flank the beaches and the sea itself turns mellow around Weligama. However, the town itself can
be a bit chaotic. However, you can stick to the beachside to enjoy a quiet beach getaway. A number of
amateur surfers prefer the main beach in Weligama to master the art of surfing before they hit the more
challenging breaks.

Learning to surf on Weligama beach, Sri Lanka

Bandarawatta Beach

If you would like to swim in the sea for a while and practice surfing, head towards Bandarawatta beach.
It is located well away from the highway and has space for sheltered swimming. You can practice surfing
near the surf break a little further offshore. The beach is perfect for surfing beginners as the tranquility
allows the necessary peace to concentrate on learning the techniques. Bandarawatte beach is located
about 3 kilometers southwest of the town. If the sea is not too rough, you’ll get to see stilt fishermen
angling for fish, perched on their stilts.

Feast on Seafood

A large community of locals in Weligama are fishermen by trade. The town enjoys a fresh catch of silvery fish daily along with other seafood such as crabs, prawns and squid. You can tuck into a wide variety of seafood in Weligama and with a mix of trendy restaurants, beach bars and street food stalls. Choose a restaurant by the sea to let the salty sea breeze envelop you as you savour your food along with a cocktail.

Where to eat in Weligama

Ceylon Sliders – Modern, health inspired cafe and restaurant
Kaori Cafe – Japanese inspired Sushi Cafe

Book your Sri Lanka holiday at one of these Villas in Welligama

Red Cliffs Villa, Weligama
Kumara Villa, Weligama
Suriyawatta Villa, Weligama

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