Sri Lanka’s Strangest Fruit

Villa Holiday Guide: Strangest Fruit in Sri Lanka

A tropical island blessed with golden sunshine all year-round, Sri Lanka offers the curious traveller quite a platter of delightful fruit to savour. And while you may be familiar with pineapples and mangoes there are quite a few fruits that are relatively unknown succulent delights to taste. So here is a list of must try fruits to be enjoyed in the comforts of our luxury holiday villas in Sri Lanka.

Exotic strange and wonderful fruits to enjoy during your Sri Lankan Villa holiday.

Strangest Fruit in Sri Lanka #1 – Rambutan

The seasonal rambutan looks like a round prickly child’s toy; available in both yellow and red colour the fruit is protected by its rubbery prickly skin which you break open with your fingers. Peel the skin away and you get at a fleshy white fruit which looks like a lychee inside. Pop the fruit in your mouth and eat only the flesh around the seed. Rambutan is a sweet and sour fruit you will probably eat by the bagful and if you are heading to our villas near Galle make sure to stop and pick up a few dozen from the roadside kiosks which pop-up when the fruit is in season.

Strangest Fruit in Sri Lanka #2 – Thambili the Thirst Quencher

Thambili is very similar to coconut, except the nut is orange coloured and known as king coconut or thambili (which means orange colour) in Sri Lanka. The nut is sliced on the top through which a hole is made for you to drink the sweet water inside. A great refresher on hot humid days, thambili trees are very similar to coconut palms and grow in plenty around the lavish properties of Eden Villas.

Strangest Fruit in Sri Lanka #3 – Nutritious Cashew Apple

Love cashewnuts, you’ve got to try the rest of the fruit. The cashew apple is the part which hangs on the tree and the nut grows below ensconced in a hard shell, which you never bite into due to the toxic sap. The apple or main part of the fruit is very popular and rich in vitamin C.

Strangest Fruit in Sri Lanka #4 – Odd Looking Naminam

Sadly, naminam is not good looking, in fact it’s a wrinkly kind of fruit which looks like a fungus on the tree. The taste is pretty exceptional though; offering one a tangy and zesty treat. Look for naminam in a friends garden or smaller markets.

Strangest Fruit in Sri Lanka #5 – Uguressa Berries

No not berries, but uguressa looks similar. The small reddish fruits must be massaged in your palm before being eaten to bring out its sweet, tangy quality.

There you go, folks, a few of Sri Lanka’s quirky fruit, which you can enjoy while sunning on the patio of our plush villas in south Sri Lanka. Check out our indulgent range and plan that awesome island getaway of exotic delights.

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