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Tips for keeping up yoga while traveling – Sri Lanka Villa Guides

Swaying palm trees, the caress of ocean breezes and soft golden sand beneath your feet are all factors contributing towards your serene yoga session in Sri Lanka. Offering you a range of tropical oases our holiday villas in Sri Lanka are perfect for maintaining your yoga practise while on holiday, here are a few tips.

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Keeping up yoga while traveling Sri Lanka

Create a harmonious space for maintaining your yoga practice while travelling

While Eden Villas are well-appointed, making use of island vibes and laidback surroundings; make sure you stay in balance by creating a harmonious space for yourself once you arrive at your holiday villa. Unpack, place a personal photo down and make the place feel homely.

Stimulate your senses with aromatic oils

As a top provider of Sri Lanka villa rentals, we know the importance of creating harmonious environs and find aromatherapy does wonders to revive a soul tired from travel. South Sri Lanka is renowned for its centuries-old Ayurveda practise, and visiting the nearest wellness centre will help you pick up a few essential oils, such as, lavender for vata balance, eucalyptus for kapha and sandalwood or jasmine for pitta balance.

Quit worrying about the details

Ease your mind from mundane burdens such as airport pickups, planning excursions, preparing meal plans etc. Guests at our villas are well taken care off with a dedicated concierge service ready to assist with nitty-gritty travel and holiday details.

Take along your favourite candles

Scented candles work wonders on the senses; light one up to uplift your mood and create a soothing environment.

Change-up your yoga routine

While on holiday you cannot maintain your full yoga session, modify and shorten routines to help you fit in your yoga practice with other events you don’t want to miss.

Well then, all you need do is relax! Wake up to the sound of the surf, sit under sunny blue skies and practise your yoga. Our villas are designed to aid total rejuvenation of mind body and soul; contact us today and prepare to enjoy an island holiday of utter bliss!

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Villa Serendipity, Koggala

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