Surf Points in Sri Lanka

Surf Points in Sri Lanka

Best breaks close to Luxury Villas in Sri Lanka

The island is blessed with a beautiful coast and some of the most thrilling surf points are located close to our villas in Sri Lanka. Choosing a stay at one of Eden Villas luxury holiday homes scattered across the south coast, will give you easy access to the following surf points.

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1. Probably the best of surf points in Sri Lanka – Kabalana

Located in Ahangama, ‘The Rock’ is tipped to be the best A-frame reef break on the island. As a provider of luxury Sri Lankan villas we have quite a few located close to this point. Enjoy rides of at least 150m with plenty of powerful lefts and rights. The Rock is ideal for professional and intermediate surfers, with steep take offs and plenty of hollow walls. The best action is between January and February, when waves soar to almost 10 feet – perfect for thrill seekers.

2. Koggala for year round breaks

Koggala surf point is located close to some of our prettiest south coast villas and is recommended for the more advanced surfer due to the strong undercurrents. The point is blessed with a strong left which delivers even during low cross-onshore times. The ideal place for solitary surfers, this expansive beach is un-crowded where you mingle with like-minded surfers and maybe a curious sea turtle or two.

3. Weligama for an all-time high

Weligama is a reputed ‘surfing hub’ and is a very pretty location; hence, our villas in Weligama take full advantage of the gorgeous surroundings and clear blue skies. Weligama caters to the professional and clumsy learner with about 3 good points located close to each other. Plenty of surf schools located on the beach encourage novices to get acquainted with board and surf while the sandy bottom makes it easy on beginners. Watch out though, swells can at times rise to 10 feet and surprise even the seasoned surfer.

4. Mirissa Bay for slow reef breaks

Just around the corner to Weligama, crescent shaped Mirissa Bay is equally gorgeous. A slow right hander breaking on the reef and a left hander which ends in the harbour are both popular; good surf points for beginners and intermediates.

5. Galle for culture and surf

Staying at our luxury Galle villas you have plenty to explore, the iconic UNESCO Heritage Site the Old Dutch Fort apart. But for surfers there’s Devata Beach. Ideal for beginners the small breaks of 2 to 4 feet keep it safe with rides of 100m to 150m.

What’s your choice? There’s plenty more in between; either one we’ve got a sunny villa just a few minutes away! Talk to us and plan that surfing holiday in tropical Sri Lanka.

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