Sri Lankan Sea Turtles

Villa Holiday Guide: For the Love of Turtles

Sri Lanka is a pretty good place to visit if you love turtles. There’s a number of Sri Lanka Sea Turtles and the South Coast is a great place to get up close and personal with them. The country’s south coast not only boasts of some of the best beach villas in Sri Lanka but also popular nesting shores for sea turtles. In this guide, you’ll find out a few places you can see them and the types of Sea Turtle you can find in the waters off our coastline.

Sri Lanka Sea Turtles

  • Turtle watching points in Sri Lanka
  • Turtles of Sri Lanka

Do’s & Don’t For Meeting Sea Turtles in the wild

Things To Do When You Meet A Sea Turtle

  • Enjoy the magnificent creatures as they swim by
  • Look out in natural bays for their little heads to pop up for air
  • Look out near buildings or structures along the beach for turtle nests
  • Go to the Sea Turtle hatcheries to meet them up close and personal

Things To NOT DO When You Meet A Sea Turtle

  • Don’t feed sea turtles when you see them in the water, they are wild animals
  • Don’t touch them
  • Don’t try to ride them
  • Don’t scream and chase them
  • Please keep your kids controlled and don’t get too excited

Turtle watching in Sri Lanka

There are numerous turtle watching points in Sri Lanka.

Hikkaduwa – Hikkaduwa is a bit touristy but you can be on the lookout for turtles on your walks along the beach. You’ll also find locals who will try to sell you seaweed to feed the turtles. 

Habaraduwa Sea Turtle Sanctuary – view on Google maps

Kosgoda – Kosgoda is a small beach village and the Sea Turtle Conservation project in the area has been around for a while.

Induruwa – Induruwa is popular amongst surfers but you can catch glimpses of turtles near the shores of Induruwa.

Koggala Sea Turtle Hatcheryview on Google maps

Wijaya Beachview on Google maps

Sea Turtles of Sri Lanka

Not to be confused with Ninja turtles, five main types of sea turtles seek Sri Lanka’s shores for breeding.

Olive Ridley Turtle – Olive Ridley turtles are the smallest kind of sea turtles and they are pretty common. They like the warm tropical waters of the Indian Ocean and visit shores of Sri Lanka during September to November for nesting.

Leatherback Turtle – leatherback turtles love jellyfish and for this reason, they are prone to mistakenly try to consume plastic bags. Hence, they, unfortunately, fall into the endangered species category. Leatherbacks are known to visit the shores of Kosgoda to lay eggs.

Hawksbill Turtle – Hawksbils maybe small in stature but they have beautiful and vibrant shells as well as a pointed beak. Their shells are made of 13 proportioned parts. Hawksbill turtles visit Sri Lanka regularly.

Green Turtle – The name green turtle refers to the green fat found under the turtles’ upper shells. Turtle soup unfortunately is made out of these, a practice that is fortunately becoming unpopular. Green turtles visit Sri Lanka’s southern coast at night to nest.

Loggerhead Turtle – Loggerheads get their name from their large heads and rather muscular jaws. Their shells are strikingly covered in varying shades of brown. Loggerheads are rather rare in Sri Lankan waters and shores.

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