Food to enjoy at Luxury Villas in Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan Cuisine – Food to enjoy at Luxury Villas in Sri Lanka

The island is special in many ways and one aspect is the exotic food which most visitors fall in love with. In this article, we list some simple, yet flavour packed delights and popular local cuisine, often served at our luxury villas in Sri Lanka.

Crispy Asmi

Asmi is a traditional sweet often present during the traditional Sinhala New Year or harvest festival celebrated in April. It’s made with a mixture of rice flour, coconut milk and sap from cinnamon leaves which is trickled into boiling hot oil to form a crispy stringy kind of folded cake which is dressed with syrup – delicious!

Fresh Gotukola Sambol

Our family friendly villas in Sri Lanka often include this very nutritious and healthy dish as part of the rice and curry meals served. Gotukola or pennywort leaves also called centella is known for its herbal properties; in Sri Lanka the leaves are cut very fine, mixed with lime juice, salt, maldive fish and shallots to form a very tasty green salsa you can enjoy with rice and curry.

Meaty Polos Maluwa

Polos is a red curry made from tender jak fruit; it looks like an exotic meat curry and requires a careful blend of herbs, spices and thick coconut milk to arrive at its dark reddish brown consistency. Try it with a bowl of rice or chunks of home baked bread.

The staple – parippu

Parippu or dhal curry is a staple; just about every rice and curry meal includes a generous serving of parippu which is an all-time favourite at breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can eat it with rice, bread, roti, stringhoppers or anything really, try it and get creative. The dish is made by tempering the dhal seeds in coconut oil, cooking it in thick coconut milk and then mixing in fried onions, garlic, curry leaves and green chilli to the yellow curry.

Kottu – the favoured fast food

In Sri Lanka, kottu is as popular as your local cheeseburger; made with a mix of vegetables, egg, fish or meat and diced roti, the kottu is cooked on a hot griddle to a rhythmic clatter of cleavers working to mince in all the ingredients.

Kukul Mas Curry

A great tongue twister kukul mas curry is merely an exotic Sri Lanka version of chicken (kukul) curry. Watch out though the redder the curry the more spicy it is; but well worth those tears and sweat the flavours are simply delightful, enjoy with hoppers, rice, bread etc.

Have we got you hankering for a slice of Sri Lanka? Enjoy all this and more at our luxury villas located along the south coast of Sri Lanka. Let’s talk and plan than fab island holiday.

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