choose a luxury villa over a hotel room

Reasons to choose a Luxury Villa over a Hotel room

Unbeatable Luxurious Pleasures offered at Sri Lanka South Coast Villas

Privacy, luxury and wellness are what the modern 5-star holiday is all about and where a five-star hotel was sought out in the past, the modern traveller seeks the subliminal bliss of a stay within a private villa.

Sri Lanka south coast villas not only offer one the joys of luxuriating within the exotic environs of the paradise island but are well-equipped to cater to the contemporary traveller seeking out not only sun, sand and surf but also lavish comforts such as those offered at Eden Villas. Let us explain why our south coast luxury villas are chosen over a hotel room.

Choose a Luxury Villa over a Hotel Room for the Privacy

The level of privacy offered at luxury villas in Sri Lanka, cannot be matched by the most lavish of hotel rooms. Guests booking one of our properties not only have the entire property to themselves but can enjoy the peace and serene environs which accompany each of our carefully laid out villas on the south coast of Sri Lanka.

Compared to Hotel Rooms, Holiday Villa Rates are Pretty Alluring

Most travellers seeking a luxury holiday are under the misconception that hotels offer the best rates. But consider the cost of an entire villa capable of accompanying a group of people or even two and you have unmatched value for money, privacy and that no-rush atmosphere to savour.

The Locations are Incredible

Nothing lets you experience the exotic beauty of Sri Lanka’s south coast than a stay at a sunny villa. Check out our list of properties and you will be stuck for choice. Tropical gardens home to swaying coconut palms and bursts of wildflowers, a private pool canopied by the sunniest of skies and salty ocean breezes reminding you the beach is just a breath away. 

Need we say more? As you can see a luxury villa stay in Sri Lanka is not only lavish but offers privacy and all the trappings of paradise; do contact us today and plan that exotic getaway!

Stay At These Sri Lanka South Coast Luxury villas

Blue Heights, Tangalle

Villa Serendipity, Koggala

Skye House, Habaraduwa


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