Kid friendly villas in Sri Lanka

Guide To Finding Child Friendly Villas In Sri Lanka

If you are planning a luxury getaway with your family, Sri Lanka is one of the best options out there. While there are numerous luxury villas available for rent across the country, you would need to specifically search for child friendly villas in Sri Lanka to find the perfect fit. We’ve got some tips to help you with your search.

How to look for the perfect luxury villa for a family with kids

Safety first – think about child safety when selecting your villa

First of all, you should ask the villa if it is child friendly? In broader terms, this means whether the property is located in a place that could be dangerous to kids? You would need to focus on the design aspects of the villas too. Are stairs safe for kids? A hilltop villa may not be the ideal choice for a family with young children.

Is there a children’s pool or shallow end

Most villas will come with swimming pools designed for adults. Those infinity-edge swimming pools may be beautiful but they are not safe for kids. Some villas will accommodate pools with a shallow end to let kids be in the pool with their parents. But some villas might even have separate pools for children. When you contact our villa rental team, feel free to ask for details on the on the pool. Just remember, this is Sri Lanka we’re talking about so although the intention may be there, safety is not always on the top priority list of designers so guests should always watch their children and be cautious at all times.

Do pools have fences?

Unfortunately, most pools in Sri Lanka will not have safety fences, although some villas do have raised pools and often you can ask the local staff or hire a nanny to be an extra pair of hands and eyes.

What about food for children?

Young children can be particularly fussy about food. They are usually as not eager as adults to try foreign cuisine, especially when the food comes with chili. Generally, private villas offer the services of an in-house chef. Ask the villa if the chef has experience in making food for children and specifically the type of food that your kids enjoy. We can usually purchase most of the food your children will be used to eating including fresh vegetables, pasta, rice, chicken, fish, etc. With food allergies and dietary requirements being the ‘norm’, we’ll always help to accommodate food for children and people with special requests.

Taking care of kids

You may want some adult time for yourself during the holiday. In that case, ask if the property can provide babysitting services. Usually, such services are not available at private villas as they don’t have enough staff. But some villas outsource babysitting services. However, you should thoroughly review the babysitting service providers before you decide to use their services.

Are there any other children’s facilities available at the villas?

Many villas will provide a standard baby/kid’s facilities such as a high chair and a baby cot. However, if you plan to travel in a big group with more than one kids, make sure to request for more children facilities to be prepared. It is also good to know if the villa provides any kinds of other kid’s activities such as a playground or play room. Some villas even have a game room where it is equipped with Play Station, xBox with the over-the-top sound system.

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Take a look at these Kid friendly villas in Sri Lanka