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Villa Holiday Guides: Galle Fort Walking Tour

Galle one of the Best Places to stay in Sri Lanka with kids!

Sri Lanka is not only a family friendly holiday destination but a safe haven to explore with kids. Galle is a firm favourite amongst tourists seeking the best places to stay in Sri Lanka with kids

This article helps you plan a DIY walking tour of the cherished Galle Fort a UNESCO World Heritage Site, built in the 16th century by Portuguese colonists and later fortified as a stronghold by invading Dutch and English colonists. 

Galle Fort in Sri Lanka: DIY walking tour – the plan

  • Start at the Clock Tower
  • Loop tour to finish at the Clock Tower
  • Distance 3.5kms
  • Time – 3 to 4 hours

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Start – the clock tower

Built in 1883 the clock tower stands sentinel at the entrance, which still reads the correct time! Go ahead and continue your tour on foot; ignore the lure of the rickshaw, rides are highly priced anyway!

The main gate

Turn left and walk along the inside of the fort up to the main gate.

Next Sun Bastion

The Portuguese built Sao Lago bastion; the Dutch renamed it Zon or Sun in 1667. Enjoy the expansive views.

Dutch Reformed Church

Walk to Church Street and explore Groote Kerk (Dutch Reformed Church) built in 1640, one of the oldest on the island.

Explore Dutch Belfry

Built in 1701 the bell tower is at the end of Church Street on the corner of Queen Street. 

All Saints Church

Looking like a charming English village church, All Saints was built between1868 to 1871 find it across the junction of the Dutch Belfry.

Next Maritime Museum

Located on Queens Street this museum is located within a Dutch warehouse built in 1671 and is home to a gargantuan Bryde’s Whale skeleton.

Rustic Old Gate

Head down Queen Street and arrive at the Old Gate above which is a vintage British coat of arms. The initials VOC stand for Dutch East India Company dating back to 1669.

Zwart Bastion

Built in 1580 by the Portuguese, Zwart or Black bastion is along the outer walls facing the sea.

Court Square

Walk with the ocean on your left; court square is along Hospital Street and still an active courts.

Dutch Hospital

Continue on and explore the Old Dutch hospital.

Cool off at Lighthouse Beach

Join the locals and take a dip in the shallow blue waters.

Check out the lighthouse

Built in 1938 this British lighthouse is on south-eastern tip of the fort and still functions.

Meeran Jumma Masjid Mosque

Walk along the fort walls on Rampart Street and you will see the vintage mosque, testimony to Galle’s large Muslim population.

Flag Rock Bastion

From this bastion enjoy a magical sunset, watch the locals take daredevil leaps into the rocky waters below, which in days of yore brought down many a ship.

Explore the bastions back to the clock tower

Continue north along the western edge of the fort wall and check out; Triton Bastion, Neptune Bastion, Clippenburg Bastion, Aeolus Bastian, Star Bastion and Moon Bastion. The last bastion offers expansive views of Galle’s international cricket stadium and your tour ends here under the gaze of the old clock tower.

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