Discovering South Sri Lanka

Discovering South Sri Lanka On Your Luxury Galle, Villa Holiday

Sri Lankan Villa Holiday Guide: Exploring Southern Sri Lanka

The southern coast of Sri Lanka offers a combination of natural beauty, laid back vibes, beautiful beaches and plenty of cultural heritage to explore during your luxury villa holiday.  The South of Sri Lanka is arguably the fastest growing area for tourists and there are a number of excellent villas near Galle, that make exploring the region over a few nights or weeks easy.

Explore and stay in Galle

The city of Galle with its iconic Dutch built Galle Fort (UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE)is an ideal place to begin your south Sri Lanka  adventure. Start with a stroll along the Ramparts to admire incredible views of the Indian ocean before relaxing at one of the many luxury restaurants which can be found in the lanes and Dutch Hospital precinct. . Or why not get in some retail therapy and souvenir shopping at the many bijou shops, fashion boutiques and antique shops? The picturesque cobbled streets of the inner fort area are filled with a fantastic mix or new and old shops and as the sunsets you feel the place come alive and transform. The  Dutch architecture has been extremely well preserved and if you have time it’s well worth a  visit to the Maritime Museum to learn about ancient Ceylon’s connections with world trade of a bygone era. If your travel schedule starts to catch up with you then perhaps some luxury therapy at an Ayurvedic spa is being called for. Whatever your interests, Galle Fort and the surrounding city is definitely somewhere to have on your Sri Lanka South Coast bucket list.

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Mirissa has become a popular beach destination yet somehow it has retained its inherent tranquility. The crescent shaped beach is perfect for a quiet holiday. If you visit Mirissa during the months of November to April, you can go on a whale watching tour to see the world famous Blue Whales which have helped make this little town extremely popular. During this season blue whales, killer whales, fin whales and sperm whales and many others frequent the salty depths of the shore of Mirissa.

Other than entertaining sea life, Mirissa is one of the top destinations for surfers who flock to the bars and the beach in the area to party. It’s also growing in popularity with foreign and local owners who are opening trendy cafes, restaurants, bars, boutique hotels and luxury villas which is helping the area steadily improve to meet the growing demands of luxury and budget tourists alike.

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Yala National Park Out of the 22 national parks in the country, Yala National park is considered the best within easy reach of the South Coast. The national park is home to herds of elephants, birds, crocodiles, sloth bears, spotted deer and a considerable population of stealthy leopards which helps draw thousands of holidaymakers to Sri Lanka each year. Different ecosystems thrive in perfect harmony in Yala. There are monsoon forests, grasslands, semi-deciduous forests and sandy beaches in the park.

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