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Horton plains national park, Sri Lanka

Easter Sunday 2019 in Sri Lanka is a date that will be ingrained in memory for generations. The callous attacks in Colombo sent shockwaves through the world. What has come to be an exciting destination for tourists, has now come under speculation for its safety, threatening the livelihoods of many Sri Lankan business owners and their employees. Many Governments are...
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Villa Holiday Guides: Sri Lanka The Beach Lover’s Paradise

Sri Lanka Villas as Bali Villas

If there are two words that sums up what Sri Lanka is, it’s ‘the beach’. The ocean plays a crucial role in making this island even more spectacular. Sri Lanka is surely a paradise for beach bums out to make the most of their holiday. Since the southern coast is the most popular for beach holidays its best to find...
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Villa Holiday Guides: What To Pack For Sri Lanka

What To Pack For Sri Lanka

In this article, we’re going to cover what to pack for Sri Lanka holidays. Sri Lanka is one of the best countries in Asia for a tropical beach holiday experience. When you’re coming to Sri Lanka on a villa holiday you’ll be at an advantage of those in a hotel and packing essentials for your trip will also vary as...
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Villa Holiday Guides: Visiting South Sri Lanka From May To October

Visiting the south in the low-season – Villas in Sri Lanka

Visiting South Sri Lanka from May To October? Expansive, beautiful beaches, wildlife and cultural attractions draw tourists to visit the southern coast of Sri Lanka. During the low-season which runs from May to October some of the best villas in Sri Lanka in the south offer fantastic deals to guests and the best part is, the weather can be great from mid...
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Galle Villa Holiday Guide: How To Plan A Holiday To Galle

How to plan a trip to Galle

Galle is a charming beach and cultural destination, where there is so much to do and see. Home to some of the best beach villas in Sri Lanka, Galle is well worth a lengthy visit. How To Plan A Holiday To Galle, Sri Lanka How to get there What to pack Where to go How to Get There The cheapest...
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