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How to have a Bali-like Holiday at a villa in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Villas as Bali Villas

Coastal spots south of Colombo are scattered with sandy beaches, elegant palm trees, party vibes and a wide section of high end restaurants and bars. There is so much scope for luxurious holidays in the region that you can even consider Sri Lanka villas as Bali villas. You can get in a lot of surfing, yoga, snorkeling, partying and relaxation...
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Where to Eat in Galle During Your Luxury Villa Holiday

Villas in Galle

An unmistakable hotspot for visitors to Sri Lanka, Galle is a beautiful holiday destination well suited for luxury travel. In fact most luxury villas in Galle provide ready access to stunning beaches and sites such as the Dutch Fort. This brief guide reveals some of the city’s best restaurants. Restaurants in Galle & Unawatuna Galle Restaurant guide Church Street Social...
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Guide To Finding Child Friendly Villas In Sri Lanka

Kid friendly villas in Sri Lanka

If you are planning a luxury getaway with your family, Sri Lanka is one of the best options out there. While there are numerous luxury villas available for rent across the country, you would need to specifically search for child friendly villas in Sri Lanka to find the perfect fit. We’ve got some tips to help you with your search....
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Discovering South Sri Lanka On Your Luxury Galle, Villa Holiday

Discovering South Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan Villa Holiday Guide: Exploring Southern Sri Lanka The southern coast of Sri Lanka offers a combination of natural beauty, laid back vibes, beautiful beaches and plenty of cultural heritage to explore during your luxury villa holiday.  The South of Sri Lanka is arguably the fastest growing area for tourists and there are a number of excellent villas near...
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Exploring Galle, Sri Lanka On A Luxury Villa Holiday

Family Friendly Villas Near Galle

South of Sri Lanka is truly a treasure trove for holiday makers. You can find plenty of beachscapes, green havens and cultural attractions in the region. If you are planning a trip with your kids, you can begin or end your vacation with a stay at a family friendly villa near Galle, a beautiful coastal town that offers so much...
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