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Best Places For Shopping in Hikkaduwa

A fab town to explore from villas in Sri Lanka with private pool!

‘Hikka’ as Hikkaduwa is better known amongst sun-worshipers, both foreign and local, is a town which became popular in the 60s when backpacking hippies discovered its lures of sun, sand and surfing! Today the place is popular and located close to our luxury villas in Sri Lanka with private pool.

To this day the town remains a hub, bustling with visitors out to enjoy the lures and vibrant nightlife. Since we know Sri Lanka is all about fun and relaxation, we’ve gone and added a few Eden Villas within easy reach of Hikkaduwa, for times you want to explore and times you want solitude, privacy and quiet island vibes. Let’s explore the times you want to enjoy some holiday shopping in Hikka.

Hikkaduwa shopping is a huge attraction and things to buy include

1. Beautiful Woodcrafts

Traditional artisans turn out beautiful and intricate pieces from wood; lookout for elephant figurines, delicate jewellery boxes and traditional masks, to ward off the evil eye, in a bevy of colours.

2. Colourful canvas paintings

Canvas paintings are offered at bargain prices in Hikkaduwa, our villas in Sri Lanka are adorned with some of the best art work and really, taking back a skilfully created canvas painting will be the perfect memento of your time on the island. On offer are village scenes, Buddhism themed paintings and more expounding local culture.

3. Intricate jewellery

You can buy inexpensive jewellery in Hikkaduwa, some made to traditional designs in-laid with colourful semi-precious stones and others simple statements of elegance; nothing to break the bank here.

4. Cane goods

The south is very popular for a bevy of products fashioned from cane; baskets, mats, carpets and other little items are perfect for adding some island vibes to your home.

5. Tea and spices

Ceylon tea speaks for itself; if you are a serious tea drinker or looking for a gift, make sure to visit the tea centres for a fine collection of designer tea. You can also explore the Hikkaduwa markets and purchase some quality spices, well worth the price you pay.

Best places for shopping in Hikkaduwa

Check out the following places if you want quality and value for money;

And for times you wish to enjoy the exotic splendours of Sri Lanka’s south coast, check out our lavish properties where you get to savour paradise in style. Talk to us today to plan a beach holiday you won’t forget.

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